Just because the snow is piled above your head is no excuse to mope around on the couch. Here are ten top winter fitness tips!



It’s easy; it just takes a good pair of shoes or boots. With boots and a coat, the extra weight makes it even better exercise. Just be careful of icy patches on the ground.


Running is like walking fast. You won’t need as warm clothes for running as for walking, because your body will generate more heat. And vigorous exercise appears to ward off disease.

Skate snowshoe or ski

If running seems too pedestrian for you, these are some great variations custom-made for winter. They are ideal for getting family and friends to share an activity together while keeping fit. You will need some equipment and a place to do it, so this is more of an “outing” than walking or running.”



This is a fun activity that will get you out and moving about. You’ll need GPS (such as on your cell phone) and Internet access. Find treasures hidden in your area at the official Geocaching web site. Then the hunt is on!


The one upside about winter is that it forces me to exercise just to get out my door. Be careful about twisting your body incorrectly.

Snow angels

Who says you have to be a kid to make snow angels? It’s fun for adults and it gets you out into the snow, which is already better than staying on the couch.

Washington Snow


The snow angels need snowmen to watch over. As long as the snow has some stickiness, you can build snowmen, snow women, snow puppies or even a snow fort.

Snowball fight

It doesn’t matter what age you are, a snowball fight is always fun. And it is a fine way to get moving in winter weather.


Hopping on a toboggan or a sled, throwing your hands in up in the air and crying out “Whee!” might not seem like a lot of exercise, but climbing up the hill in the first place is great for winter fitness.


Speaking of climbing, take the stairs. Whenever you get the chance, avoid elevators and escalators. Stairs are your indoor gym to help you make up for the walking that you probably do less of in winter.

If you can’t wait for spring to come around, at least keep fit in the meantime. How many of these ten ideas can you put to use this week?