When BuddyPress is installed on WordPress Multisite the only site on your network that uses a BuddyPress theme is the main site because it’s required to support all the different BuddyPress social features.

Your members socially interact with each other via the social features using the BuddyPresss theme. All other sites on your network use a standard WordPress theme.

The BuddyPress Theme

Your BuddyPress theme is where you build the community on your network.

It provides the pages that support the different BuddyPress social features including members profiles, blog lists, friends lists, private messaging, activity streams, groups, group forums, and more.

This is where you transform your network for your niche area into a thriving community by adding widgets, enabling/disabling social features and customizing your BuddyPress theme!


The Toolbar

When you install BuddyPress it adds the BuddyPress features to the standard WordPress toolbar. This allows logged in users to access their BuddyPress features from the toolbar at the top of every site and dashboard on your network.

The toolbar is used by members to access:

1. Their WordPress blogging tools


2. Their BuddyPress social features

When you hover your mouse over Howdy, User, this expands to link you to your Profile Screen as well as a Log Out link and your BuddyPress social features.


Blogging On A BuddyPress Network

One of Ning’s worst features is blog post functionality:

  • Only members of a Ning community can comment on Ning blog posts
  • Blog posts are posted on the Ning network and not their own blog

BuddyPress doesn’t have Ning’s blogging limitations as it’s a multi-blogging platform environment integrated with a fully functional social network platform.


Blog posts are posted on a member’s site(s) — just like posts are published on any WordPress site.

BuddyPress aggregates all the members’ post content pulling them onto the main site and providing the other social features so members can easily connect, communicate, collaborate and create with each other.