A Mint Life

Some say that the two hardest parts of a friendship are the hello and the goodbye. Most people understand that ending friendships can be negative, so shouldn’t ‘hello’ moments be the opposite of that?

Not necessarily. I used to dread the ‘hello’ moments back in high school. Of course, I yearned to make friends. In fact, I envied people who could establish friendships so easily. And even though the thought of making more friendships seemed like a pretty good idea, it always felt less than natural to me.

Here I make a paradoxical statement: despite feeling uncomfortable making friends, I did have friends in high school. In fact, I had awesome friends. It has now been another four years since then. I still feel anxious with the ‘hello’ moments, but I’ve realized that many of my buddies consider me to be rather extroverted. Did something change in my personality that…

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