Family is important because these people are your history and future. They are the only people related to you by blood. Society values family because they are always there for one another and assist whenever one family member needs help. It brings joy to people’s lives and gives them something important and special to live for. Love is important for everyone to have, and family is always there to love.

Safety Needs: The feeling of fear is present in every human, all of us need to feel secure, security is important for the smooth running of our life. A family provides one that security. The number or the strength of family members does not matter, a nuclear family or even a joint family gives you a feeling of being safe. This is because you know that your family will stand by you, no matter what. You don’t have to fight on your own against anything alone, this feeling helps in the progress of human being as he does not need to be worried about his safety. Safety also refers to the safety of morals, property, and employment.

Psychological Needs: Just as the basic needs, a human also has many psychological needs. The fulfillment of those needs is necessary for the mental and physical being. So what are those needs? Well, everybody needs affection, appreciation, a sense of belonging, love, etc. A family relationship provides you with all these things, without you demanding for it. It not only gives you love, but also boosts your confidence from time to time. It teaches you the morals and principles of the society, in a way, it teaches you how to survive in the outside world.

Other Reasons: Being a social animal, that we are, we need company. Though we like to spend time alone, we cannot live happily alone, forever. Family provides us with reasons to laugh, cry and think about. A family provides one with reasons to live life. Family members are the only people who feel genuinely for you, they are the only people who really care for you. The best part of a family, they keep on giving you, without expecting anything in return. Your friends or even your beloved will expect you to care, love for him, but family won’t expect this. No doubt they will feel bad, they might even complaint about your cold-blooded nature, but they won’t stop loving and caring for you!

Always remember that the goodness in you, is due to your family. It is this unit of the society that you can turn to, even if you have done something grave, something wrong. You are a part of it, be happy that are lucky enough to have a family!