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Why set goals? Every one of us may spend countless hours to think about our present life and future. Almost everyone wishes to change our lives. Whether it is family life, friendship, career or finances. We all want to change something. The first step is to set goals.

What are the benefits of goal setting? There are many of them and many reasons for why set goals.


1. You take control of your life

Goal is like a GPS in life. It gives you direction and helps you choose where to go in life. It makes you vision about your ideal future and to turn it into reality. When you have achieved the goal, you improve your life and become a better version of yourself.


2. You focus on the important things

Goals help us to sort out what is important and what isn’t. You will only focus on the things that you want to achieve and spend precious time on them.


3. You will make good decisions

Goals help you identify and establish your priorities and make the right choices based on the long-term view of what is most important to you.


4. You can finish the task efficiently

You will focus and concentrate your time and energy on the task. Keep away all the distractions and this make you efficiently.


5. You will be self-confident and enthusiastic

When you set a goal and measure the achievement, you are able to see what you have done and what you are capable of. This process of achieving goals gives you the confidence and a belief in your self. And you become enthusiastic too.


6. You will make progress

After you have achieved one goal, you will try to achieve higher goals. In the long turn, you will see big progress you have made when look back.

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7. You are closer to success

Goals are the starting point of success. A good start makes half the success.

Can these benefits give you enough reasons to set your goals now? Or you want to learn more? Read
why goal setting works. You will see clearly goal setting works in our lives.

After you see these benefits, you will know the importance of goal setting and why we need to set goals. You will not pay a price for setting goals, but you will pay a price for not setting them.

I will take you through the practical steps of goal setting and help you to create and attain your top quality goals. There are three key points you need to know to make sure your success, you can learn from the
goal setting information.

Now you know that we really have to set goals in our lives. If we study further, there is one famous
goal setting theory researched by Dr Edwin Locke. What is it about? You can study it by clicking the link.

Some people don’t set goals. What will happen if we don’t set goals? I will show you in
goal setting tips why people fail in real life. After reading it, I am sure you will know the answers to why set goals question.

– By Frank Purdy